la imagen no se repite verticalmente en CSS [cerrado]

The top background image is not repeating or displaying full height in IE7. It works in Firefox and Chrome.

The home-top class:

  background: url('../images/top-home-bg.gif');

In home-top there is a backgorund image which is not displaying behind the second separator at top.

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Do you mean the flower in the frame? -

A little more detail and some code, particularly showing the CSS relating to the background image would be useful here. -

.home-top{background: url('../images/top-home-bg.gif');float:left;width:100%;text-align:center;height:180px;} in home-top class there is a backgorund image which is not displaying behind the second separator at top . it is not working in IE7 -

Also saying it doesn't work in IE is insufficient; what version(s) of IE does it not work in? -

@AshutoshMishra Please do not add details to the question as comments. Please edit the question with additional details. -

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Add a valid doctype as the very first line of your HTML:

<!DOCTYPE html>

without this, your page is rendering in En modo capricho, cual causas toda clase de problemas - particularly in IE.

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thanks a lot . its working now - Ashutosh Mishra

You need to set the 'position' and 'repeat' values for the image:

background-position: 0 0;
background-repeat: repeat-x;

You can also set this in a single 'background' declaration if you wish.

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Sorry thatvdidn't help. I think @thirtydot's answer must be the right one - it's rendering in quirks mode. - Brillante

Maybe the problem is because you have an static height for that class

What's the image size??

change it and try

background-repeat: repeat-x;

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