patrón java para una URL

I want to read from a file each line and edit only the lines that presents a url from a specific server... My code is like...

   Scanner ReadIsbn = new Scanner (new FileReader ("C:/Users/...."));        

    Pattern pat = Pattern.compile("http:////");

    while ( ReadIsbn.hasNextLine()){

        String line = ReadIsbn.nextLine();
        Matcher m = pat.matcher(line);
        if (m.matches() == true) {
            EDIT line....




And it is not working... In fact m.matches() is always false.. In the file i give as input, there are lines like:

Cultural tourism : how the arts can help market tourism products, how 

(i want to edit only the first two lines of the example)

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You need not escape forward slashes in your pattern. This should do

Pattern pat = Pattern.compile("");

Otro problema es que matches method tries to match pattern against entire input text. Use

 if (m.find()){
        EDIT line....

If you just want to check the prefix as you are doing here, then you can also use String # startsWith Método

respondido 08 nov., 11:13

It is not working because method matches() cerillas ser completados line. You should either add .* to the end of your pattern

Pattern pat = Pattern.compile("*");

or use method 'find()' instead.

Also you should not write duplicate forward slashes. This character '/' is forward, not back slash.

respondido 08 nov., 11:13

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