No se puede solicitar un caso de prueba en el conjunto de pruebas basado en requisitos - Test manager 2010

In Test Manager 2010 It seems that I can't order test cases in a Requirement based Test Suite (ordering a test cases in normal test suite works fine) Please anyone explain me why they forbid me to do that, or suggest a way to work around Thanks a lot

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How to order / reorganize order of testcases?

Ordnen von Testcases / Testfällen

Ändern der Reihenfolge von Testcases / Testfällen


  • create 2 suites, one of them query based
  • customize the query of the query based suite and run it
  • select all needed testcases and copy them to the clipboard
  • insert them in the manual suite order them by
  • use "order" from the menue-bar by changing the values in criteria order
  • delete the query based suite
  • que te diviertas

respondido 08 mar '12, 18:03

Just ran into this myself. It turns out that requirement-based test suites are a special case of a query-based suite, which also cannot be ordered. All test cases linked to a requirement / user story will show in the corresponding test suite.

As for work-arounds to the default sort order (apparently, the test case's work item ID), I couldn't find any. However, you could approximate the requirement-based query with a regular query, and then use the query-based suite's sort order capability. There are two problems with this: (1) the requirements that a test case is associated with are not available in the query editor, so you'd have to use some other criteria; and (2) you still don't have ad-hoc test case ordering control like you would with a non-query test suite.

I didn't find anything about adding any ordering capability to requirement-based test suites in an upcoming version, or in any third-party tool. Might be something to look into creating.


respondido 02 mar '12, 01:03

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