Cómo conseguir un selector usando esto

I have a Selector in a Selector. I want the inner Selector to select only those elements, that are also selected by the outer Selector. This is what my naiveté came up with:

$('.some-class').hover(function() {
    $( this + '.another-class'); 

Put differently, I want the elements with with another-class AND which are children of the element that is hovering. How do I do that?

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you could just pass this como segundo parámetro para $. Como: $('.another-class', this); -

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Utiliza children() Método.

$('.some-class').hover(function() {

This method falls under the traversal category, which allows you to select ancestors, descendants, siblings etc all from the current element.

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$('.some-class').hover(function() {

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This Keyword represent Object

You need to try this

jQuery(".another-class", this);

Más detalle

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It should be noted that this is looking for descendants, not just children. - Matt

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