Especificar un cliente ejb como dependencia en Maven

I have 2 EJBs A and B (in different jar files), EJB A calls one method of EJB B.

From the following Maven's documents, I use generateClient to create a ejb-client and use ejb-client dependency to get the jar.

It's ok to use Maven to build, deploy and run. The problem is, although project A only needs the interface class of EJB B, but Maven includes all EJB B's dependency libraries into EJB A's dependency. The result is EJB A will have lots of non-necessary jar files. Is there any solution to fix it?

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I found another solution, Maven's dependency has exclude function and I use it to remove some jar files.


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Note that in Maven 3, you can exclude all dependencies using a groupId and artifactId of '*'. This may be useful in your scenario. - Haakon

@Haakon In my Eclipse & NetBeans embedded Maven, it shows a warning, saying that using '*' is wrong and it is tolerated by now, but it will be deprecated at some time. - ArturoTena

The only way is to move interface of EJB B to a separate jar. Then use it as dependency in EJBs A and B project/modules.

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Yes, ejb-client will generate a separated jar for other project to depend - Dennys

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