Mover formularios zope.formlib de Plone 3 a Plone 4

I've moved from Plone 3.1 to Plone 4.1 a site using zope.formlib for a number of non-archetypes content types, and including some customizations of the widgets.

Now I notice several changes in the layout of the edit forms, such as:

  • a tooltip replacing the field description (formHelp class)
  • larger text boxes, exceeding the border of the page body
  • duplicate descriptions in the checkbox widgets.

Since I'm not able to find relevant changes in the python modules and the page templates, I suspect that said changes mostly depend on the kss machinery, I'm not familiar with.

Any suggestions on what to focus on, in trying to obviate undesired changes?

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I'd suggest to take the opportunity and to switch from zope.formlib to the most up to date z3c.form.

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