Neo4j Auto indexación para un servidor REST

Im trying to use auto indexing with the neo4j REST server (Community - 1.4.M04). This is in a Rails project, so im using the neography envoltura.

I couldnt find a consolidated tutorial online, from what i could follow from multiple blogs, here is what i did:

In conf/


After that, using a rails console:

neo =
neo.create_node_index("node_auto_index", "fulltext", "lucene")

I can see the index in the webadmin, but querying data:


does not return any data.

Cualquier ayuda sería muy apreciada.

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when, how did you add the data? before creating the index? Can you show the code-snippet that actually adds data? -

And you don't index the name property, but the title property. -

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Adding an index doesn't add older data to the index. This has to be done manually.

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