Errores XML de importación de miembros de ExpressionEngine con apóstrofos

I am attempting to import to about 2000 members into Expression Engine. I have spent 3 days refining the data into XML. The document now weighs in at over 40,000 lines.

The problem is, some values contain apostrophes (username, screen_name and email address) - which look something like this...


This generates the following errors

Username contains illegal characters. (Username: 'BobO'Leary' - within user record     'BobO'Leary')
The email you submitted is not valid (Email: 'Bob.O'' - within user     record 'BobO'Leary')

I have attempted to replace the ' with &#39 ; y &apos ; sin éxito.

I am not an XML expert, so there must be something I am missing. Any help much appreciated!

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This isn't an XML issue, but an EE issue - usernames can't have apostrophes or any special characters in them. So you'll need to replace all apostrophes within the <username> nodes with either a space, dash, underscore, period, or just nothing.

respondido 08 nov., 11:18

Maybe you should try to use CDATA


respondido 08 nov., 11:16

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