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I have a UITableViewController with a number of rows. When selecting a row, it expands/collapses, by increasing the height of the row.

Now my question is, how do I only make the 'select' action apply to a certain rect? For example, if each row in my tableview is 70, and then for each sub-element in the row I expand the total row hieght by 60 * number of subelements - I only want height 0 - 70 to be 'selectable', the sub-members of the row should not be. How do you do this?

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It can be done using touch events, but as you are already using UITableView it seems easier (and more iPhonish) to use what tables provides you:


Search a sample called "Animaciones y gestos de la vista de tabla" in the documentation. Just load the reference for UITableView and you'll see it on the bottom left corner sidebar.

To make non-selectable rows just change its cell selectionStyle a UITableViewCellSelectionStyleNone.

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