mostrar imagen en un control de imagen

I need to retrieve the data information from a database and bind the image to an image control not a datagrid or gridview or datalist.

here the code i m using it not working

Dim mycommand As New SqlCommand("SELECT * FROM registration where UserName = @ username", con)
mycommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@UserName", Session("UserName").ToString())
imgUser.ImageUrl = "UserPics/(image1);


<asp:Image ID="imgUser" runat="server" Width="340px" Height="150px" ImageUrl="UserPics/<%# Databinder.Eval(container.DataItem, "imagel")  %>.jpg"/>

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Your code shouldn't even compile. The ; would have thrown an compilation error on Vb.NET -

no that is just typing mistake -

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@ username should not have a space =>
- "SELECT * FROM registration where UserName = @username",

; Debe ser un " =>
- imgUser.ImageUrl = "UserPics/(image1)"

Though I'm not sure what that line actually achieves...

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