Notificaciones de Android: ¿es posible mostrar Toast / Alert / etc.? ¿En la pantalla de inicio?

Is it possible to display any type of notification (from my application) on home screen?

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Think we need more information, because yes this is possible but you must mean something specific as you've asked the question? -

I would like to create mobile notifier application. E.g. when e-mail arrives message is push to home screen. This picture shows exactly what I want: .. Is it possible to do it? -

Ah.. I understand now.. that is not something I have done before so I don't know. (it is something I would like to do though with sms so would love to see how you do it!) Does this help?… I assume it's from a service? -

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Haz una servicio de fondo for your application, which receives any notification (For new SMS or EMAIL) from Broadcast Receiver and when it receives event, just display a Toast from your service.

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