Aplicación Java Hide de Mac / Linux Dock

I have read a few articles about this, however, none of them tell me how to even go about doing this. I believe that I need to incorporate some Mac file called info.plist.

Well, what do I do for Linux?

I do not own any Macs, nor Linuxes so I have no idea what info.plist is or how to get it.

¿Podría alguien decirme por favor:

a) How do I "add" my application to the info.plist via Java

b) How do I hide my application from the Linux dock?

info.plist Articles:

Cómo ocultar el icono del Dock


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A link to one of the articles describing what you want would be helpful. -

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The info.plist file would be part of your .app bundle (Application.app/Contents/Info.plist). If you are just distributing a .jar file, you aren't going to have this.

In linux, there isn't really a concept of a "Dock" in general, it would depend very much on the window manager in use at the time.

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