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What is the data stored in CMSampleBuffer when using AVCaptureAudioDataOutput? It delivers CMSampleBuffers via delegate method –captureOutput:didOutputSampleBuffer:fromConnection: but what's inside CMSampleBuffer? PCM or compressed? What are the samplerates, number of channels, etc.? How this can be used for streaming audio from device? Googling for several hours didn't helped me.

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looks like you can get the ASBD this way:

  CMSampleBufferGetFormatDescription ->

then the ASBD will detail the frame sizes, if it is compressed, endianness, etc.

To demonstrate this (with no error checking) and get the sample rate:

CMSampleBufferRef cmSampleBuffer = ...;

CMFormatDescriptionRef formatDescription =

const AudioStreamBasicDescription* const asbd =

double sampleRate = asbd->mSampleRate;

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thanks! i used just CMSampleBufferGetFormatDescription and it showed all the info i'm wondering - peetonn

and is it possible to configure AVAudioOutput with different parameters that i receive? - peetonn

@peetonn you're welcome. regarding your question: I'm not sure if you mean AudioOutputUnit, AVAudioPlayery AVCaptureAudioDataOutput cuando tu dices AVAudioOutput. I grew up on the Core and AU layers; I'd guess that it is whatever they want to provide, to avoid conversion overhead. It's worth searching here. - Justin

Swift 5

let formatDescription = CMSampleBufferGetFormatDescription(sampleBuffer)
let asbd = CMAudioFormatDescriptionGetStreamBasicDescription(formatDescription!)
let sampleRate = asbd?.pointee.mSampleRate

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