galería con acción de volteo para elementos individuales en Android

I am trying to Build a gallery in Android ( Not exactly what is already existing in android , by gallery I mean a set of images being displayed together ).

I want to build something like this : (Ignore the 3d affect.. )

A set of images that can be flipped to see the text behind. The list of images is dynamic and also the content .( I would be getting the list from web ) Also two images could have been flipped on one side and two can be on the other side.

I initially referred 3dTransition : and understood a little about transitions.

Do I have to create 10's of ImageViews according to list and place it dynamically or do I have a better approach.

Referred : Android + ¿Usa ViewFlipper para voltear elementos individuales dentro de un ListView? But the list view can show one item in a row.. I want to show two to three items. Also individual Items must be clickable and not the complete row. referred , to implement multiple items in a list row. So is that the way to go ?

How do I display text ? Inflate layout as many as Imageview ? Or one layout file would do ? (How ? ).

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Finally implemented it in this way :

A GridView as top layout.

Each child layout having a ViewFlipper with two views . one for image and other for text. I attached an onlClick event on griditem onChildItemClick

Note : the swype (fling) action wouldn't work in this screen due to problems of detecting a fling gesture in a scrollable view. This might help : or can look here too ¿Deslizar / Fling cambiar de pestaña junto con ScrollView?

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