python: copie las columnas csv seleccionadas a otro archivo csv cuando un encabezado está vacío

I have some large csv file, with about 200 header names (the first one of which is empty). I want to get some chosen columns and copy them to a new output.csv file. My problem comes grabbing the header which has no name! (empty first element in the header)

So the input.csv looks something like,

            ,header1,header2,header3,header4, ... , header200
            value0, value2, value2, value3, value4, ..., value200
            ,2,3,30,,, ... , 10
            66,2,3,30,, ... , 10

etc (all rows have the same number of elements even if empty).

After reading various questions I've recycled some code from escribir columnas CSV en un orden diferente en Python

to write,

import csv
from operator import itemgetter         

SelectedSignals = ['header1',  'header4'] 

fiin=open('input.csv','rb') #open to read "r" in binary mode "b"
fiout=open('output.csv','wb') #open to write "w" in binary mode "b"

reader = csv.reader(fiin, delimiter=',')
writer = csv.writer(fiout, delimiter=',')

AllSignalNames =
name2index = dict((name, index) for index, name in enumerate(AllSignalNames))
writeindices = [name2index[name] for name in SelectedSignals]
reorderfunc = itemgetter(*writeindices) # itemgetter was imported from operator module

for row in reader:

this gives the desired output, say,

            value0, value4

but the problem is doing,

  SelectedSignals = [' ', 'header1',  'header4'] 

to grab the first column. which returns KeyError

I'm a python beginner, so any hints are appreciated.

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In the CSV format, the first header should be a zero-length string (''), not a space (' '), which is what you use in SelectedSignals.

You could also add a fake column name to your name2index dict, for example name2index['header0'] = 0 justo después de name2index = ... Y luego usar 'header0' in SelectedSignals.

Alternatively, you could use a default value for the dict (when it can't find the header you want, it would use this default value): name2index.get(name, 0) en lugar de name2index[name] en tu writeindices expresión.

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