ASP.NET MVC3 generando mapas de Google a través de la dirección

I'm using ASP.NET MVC 3 Framework and I want to use Google Maps (v3) to display the location of my customers. I can take the value of their addresses/City from the database, but how can I combine these two? I'm using Razor engine.

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If you are new to Google Maps I would suggest reading through their documentación and looking over the ejemplos to get an idea on how the API works.

Another good tutorial to look at is the 4 guys from Rolla article on implementing a store locator application. The article was originally written in web Forms y luego updated to MVC. There is relevant information in both. They do not use Razor views, but they do a good job at showing how to query the Google Maps API on the server side and packaging the results in a JSON object to display on the map.

Your View will be pretty simple if you just want markers on a map. The only HTML you would need is a div to store the map.

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I suggest getting your addresses through AJAX. MVC has a lot of good JSON stuff (like JsonResult), so you'll be able to send objects instead of parsing HTML. Since you're doing AJAX, I'm obliged to mention JQuery, I don't make AJAX calls without it. You can add the HttpPost attribute to your JSON response function too, and even make it secure!

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