Vi: Resumen de información sobre herramientas similar a Visual Studio de lib / api / object / function

Like Visual Studio when you type-in a tooltip shows you the summary (documentation) of lib/objects/functions etc.

Suppose, I'm experimenting with DataMapper. I would like to see what it has and what each of them can do (purpose) without leaving vim. Is this possible?

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Although I'm doing PHP development, not Ruby, I think this will also work for Ruby: For PHP (Drupal) I generate a tags file with ctags and configure vim to use this tagfile by setting the tags-option. (see :help tags).

Now when I start typing a function-name I can press CTRL-X CTRL-O to start Omnicompletion. Vim show a list of all possible completions and you can select next/previous suggestions with CTRL-N y CTRL-P. When selecting a completion Vim also shows the function declaration in a preview window.

You can close the preview window with the :pclose-command.

The preview will only show up if the completeopt-settings contains the preview valor (ver :help 'completeopt')

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