AnythingSlider - Cómo hacer que la primera diapositiva no se tome en cuenta en los controles numerados

I'm creating a slider with AnythingSlider and I need the first slide not to be considered in navigation: I need the numbers to start counting from 1 from the second slide on. Does anyone know how to achieve this?

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Would this slide #0 still be part of the autoplay-loop, have its own hashtag and so on? Or do you only want to show some content before the actual "slideshow" starts? -

I need it to be part of the slideshow (autoplay-loop), it's just like a cover/preview for the rest of the slides. -

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Solo usa el navigationFormatter opción de la siguiente manera:

  navigationFormatter : function(index, panel){
    return index + 1;

Then if you are using the última versión from github, you could hide the first tab using this css:

ul.thumbNav li.first { display: none; }

respondido 09 nov., 11:06

That only offsets the numbers in the navigation controls, but doesn't make the first one actually be out of the count. - Alfie Robles

Hmm, ok maybe I'm not understanding what you want. I re-read everything here and I'm still confused. - Pajarito

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