¿Cómo habilito el teclado japonés en el simulador de iPhone?

I have a UITableview with a UISearchBar, which contain Japanese words, and I want to test if it works to search Japanese words with Japanese keyboard. I can't find how to change the default keyboard on iPhone simulator.

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Open on simulator Ajustes solicitud ->General->International->Language. Select here your language and keyboard will have required letters.

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I see only ´reset content and settings´, no settings or general or anything like that.. - wagashi

I can understand Japanese, post a scr. - wagashi

Ajustes is app into iphone simulator. Like Photos, Contacts, Safari. - berilio

Oh, I meant iPhone Simulator on Mac, not on my iPhone itself. Is it possible to simulate Japanese keyboard on iPhone simulator on Mac? - wagashi

Just go to Settings, then click on 一般, and then 言語環境, and then 言語 and change to English or whatever language you use. And then click on 完了 :) - wagashi

I think what we really want to do is add an international keyboard, not change the language of the simulator.

  1. Open Simulator
  2. Find Settings. It's an app, not a menu item. Look for the icon with three gears.
  3. Navegue hasta Preguntas generales > Teclado > Teclados internacionales > Añadir nuevo teclado
  4. Now select the international keyboard(s) you'd like to add.
  5. You can access the new keyboard(s) in your app by clicking the button that looks like a globe. enter image description here
  6. Once selected, that keyboard will remain the default until you change it again using the method from step 5.

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Note that for Japanese (and Chinese) the keyboard layout isn't that important; what is needed is an input module converting the input to actual ideographic characters. Those are called "IME" (Input Method Editor)

A keyboard has just about a hundred keys, only half of them being alphabetic; but Japanese and Chinese need several thousands different characters. The role of IMEs are to convert phonetic of descriptive input into the wanted characters. Japanese keyboard provides direct typing of phonetic japanese characters (katakana and hiragana); but all japanese IMEs acccept phonetic input either in native kana or in romanized (in latin letters).

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