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I have a question about the following. I want to automatically download a file which is not available through an URL, but through "javascript: postback()". It's about the following file: and then the ".csv" button at the right hand side of the site (right side of 'Gegevens van de getoonde grafiek inladen'). How can I automatically download this data e.g. each hour and save the csv file on my computer?

It would be great if someone could help me. Thank you very much!!

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What language? We need mucho más más detalles. -

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Envias un POST solicitud a la siguiente URL:

With the parameters outlined in the <form> element's children.

The magic parameter is ACTIONTARGET, y su valor es DownloadCsv.GraphData.

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Thank you! So I'm not advanced in this, but I will try to. But is it possible to run this in a windows scheduler (using cmd??)? - Hans

Nope. Windows doesn't include anything like that. You could try finding a curl binario. - Licuadora

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