Solución alternativa para el error de representación del borde de la tabla de Firefox

I am using a table to render a calendar. I have noticed an odd rendering bug in table cell border rendering in Firefox version 3.6 through 7. Here's a screen capture:

table border rendering bug

As you can see, the border gets "bent" when I scroll. Also, there are gaps between the horizontal and vertical border where it isn't "bent". A live example can be seen on este sitio web.

I don't see this behavior in Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer.


I am still seeing this issue in Firefox 20. I have noticed that single pixel borders do not exhibit this behavior, only two pixels or more.

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only happened the first time i opened the page, refreshing makes the bug disappear, ctrl+click on table cells reproduces it -

@max4ever - That's true for me and the "bent" issue, but the one pixel gap issue remains. -

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You have a problem whith border-collapse:

Here is a solution for your problem:

Qué hacer:

  • cambiar border-collapse desde collapse a separate
  • cambiar el border-width de los <td>s y <th>s de 2px a 1px
  • dar el <table> itself a 1px border

Give some conditional comments like described in the link

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Thanks! This looks like one of those situations where the cure is almost uglier than the symptom. - Hijo

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