Windows mostrar / ocultar el control de alternancia

I'm trying to create a window control where you can toggle the state from hidden to shown, that hides/shows some stuff when not hidden.
Algo como esto:

Is there any built in control to handle this? Or do I have to implement it myself? And what would be the best method to implement something like this?

Gracias de antemano ..
(Also is there a name for this? I have no idea what to call it)

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There is no built-in control for this. Not there's much value in one, since all the work is in the hiding and showing of auxiliary content, not the control itself. Create a control with a hide/show button. When the user clicks the button, hide/show the auxiliary content. -

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You'll have to implement it yourself, but it's just a button with an icon on it that changes when you click it! Should be a breeze :-) Another way to do it is have 2 buttons in the same position and they hide one another when clicked - can be simpler to do.

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