(jQuery después) Devolviendo el último objeto insertado

Is there a way to return the new inserted object added by the "after" or "before".

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What is "after" supposed to return? I can try it and see what happens, but that is hardly a contract. I cannot find any mention of the return value in the docs. api.jquery.com/after Should I assume that all jquery functions will return "this" unless otherwise documented? -

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Not exactly, but after tiene un amigo insertAfter y before tiene un amigo insertBefore, which do the job you're after, although the signature of the methods are reversed.

Where you'd previous have had:


You should now have;


respondido 08 nov., 11:19

Thank you. I never checked insertAfter before. lIt works fine. - mr_app

si lo haces :


you can get it by :


respondido 08 nov., 11:19

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