¿Se pueden crear archivos SWC en la versión DEBUG y RELEASE utilizando constantes de compilación condicional?

Is there a way to compile SWC files in different targets (Debug vs. Release) similarly how you can compile a SWF file with the AS3 Conditional Compiler constants?

This link shows how SWF files can be compiled with predefined compiler constants: http://flashdevelop.org/wikidocs/index.php?title=AS3_Conditional_Compilation

But I need to know how to achieve this with SWC archivos en su lugar.

Note: I'm using FlashDevelop (Windows 7) to create the SWC (if that's any help to refine the answer).

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I believe this is possible using FlashBuilder 4+ by changing the build settings of the project before exporting as an swc. I do not know the limitations of FlashDevelop. Can you get access to FlashBuilder?

respondido 09 nov., 11:02

I have access to it at work but I prefer sticking to FlashDevelop for my own development (I find it much more efficient and lightweight to use). But thanks, didn't know FB4 could do that! - bigp

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