¿Patrones de diseño de hojas de estilo SASS u otros recursos?

Can anyone recommend great resources (articles/books/blogs/etc.) for structuring Hojas de estilo SASS? I understand syntax and how to use features like @mixin, @extend, etc. but I'm looking for guidance on how people approach the overall architecture of your stylesheet "system" for a large application.

Estoy utilizando Rails 3.1 with the asset pipeline. I want to take maximum advantage of sass variables, mixins, etc. across several different sub-apps. These discreet sub-apps all need their own stylesheets but I want to keep everything as DRY as possible.

I hope my intent is somewhat clear without going into too much detail on the app. If not, I'll be happy to clarify.

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Best practices for Compass (CSS authoring framework that uses SASS):


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Te recomiendo leer Scalable and modular architecture for CSS. Basically this is techniques that can keep CSS more organized and more structured, leading to code that is easier to build and easier to maintain.

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Best suggestion so far. Thanks Paul. - Jeff Cutler-Stamm

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