Java: cómo designar un directorio para que no necesite especificarlo para hacer referencia a sus archivos .jar

Let's say that I have a jar file @ /usr/local/apps/app1/java/file.jar. I would like to be able to reference file.jar en el objeto java command without typing the full path. For example, java -jar file.jar. How can I achieve this?

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ln -s /usr/local/apps/apps1/java/file.jar file.jar would create a symbolic link to the jarfile, which podría permit the JVM to run the jarfile. Of course, this would only work within the directory containing the symlink.

There is likely no way to do this generically without using a script.

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No puedes; -jar requires a jar file argument.

You could create a symlink, or provide a launcher script.

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