¿Iconos estándar de Android para usar en aplicaciones comerciales?

These are the standarad icons I am referring to. http://speckyboy.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/android_gui_11.jpg

Are these able to be used in apps that are for sale. I am assuming not. But it would save some time if I could use any.

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yes, you can.Any one can use android standard icons for their application development. -

for application development do you mean pre release or post as well. I mean including them in a pay for app -

Yes, you can, in pay app also, If you are using android default views and components in pay app then why sholuld not use Android standard icons. -

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These icons are available in the sdk (platforms\android-XX\data\res\drawable-[whatever]), so I would think they could be used in your commercial app. When you use these, you can access them via android.R.drawable, but it is better practice to copy the files and include them in your project for consistency.

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Great news sounds perfect for my needs. Copying and using them, to guarantee the same look across devices of multiple Android versions - Somk

If your purpose is only to save time, you can take a look into Iconspedia site, it has lots of icons of very good quality and you can search by license type. Also, they usually come on different sizes and formats.

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Thanks for the tip may come in handy in the future. I think if I can I shall use the stock images provided with android. - Somk

There are many icons on the official Android Developer resource

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Awesome link - if someone knows more links like this - please feel free to share. - nikib3ro

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