regasm RA0000: No se registraron tipos

I have a C++/CLI assembly (compiled for .NET 3.5 that comes with Windows 7). The assembly is marked as ComVisible(true). It contains 2 classes and 1 interface. Both classes are marked as ComVisible(false) so they shouldn't matter. The interface is marked with InterfaceType(ComInterfaceType::InterfaceIsIUnknown) and a specific GUID. This interface needs to be registered.

When I try to register this assembly using RegAsm.exe AssemplyName, Recibo esta advertencia:

RegAsm : warning RA0000 : No types were registered

My assembly depends on 3 other assemblies which are in the same directory as my main assembly. 2 of them register with no problems and the 3rd is not marked as ComVisible.

Any ideas why I'm unable to register my assembly?

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Yep, the interface was public. Thanks. -

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It looks like the assembly wasn't being registered because it didn't contain any classes available for registration, just the one interface. As soon as I added a dummy class to the assembly, the warning went away and the assembly got registered.

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Where i want to add dummy Class? - Sagothariano

Just add a dummy class to your project. - Daniel Gabriel

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