¿Cómo funciona un juego de enchufes de Windows Phone? ¿Bluetooth? ¿API de XBOX LIVE?

Must a game be client server which then requires me to stand up a server? If so, can I do that on a web host? Azure? ..

If not, then how do the 2 window phone clients find each other?

I am having difficulty understand the main blocks invovled in doing this and how they come together...

What about bluetooth ? From what I have read so far there is no access to the bluetooth api ?

Is there or wil lthere be any helpers from xbox live and thier api to let a indie dev set up connections ?

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There are 2 options for creating a real time multiplayer game.

  1. Devices connect over the internet or used a web based mediator to relay game data.

  2. Devices connet via sockets over UDP.

If you choose option 1 then you can host your web based component anywhere.

If you choose 2 then there is a sample that may be of interest at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff431744(v=vs.92).aspx

There is, currently, no support for working with BlueTooth in the API.

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