Error de vista previa de la cámara: error de cola de búfer

I am trying to write an app that continuously takes pictures. I have an activity and a preview class. I figured it out using an AsyncTask clase.

private class CaptureTask extends AsyncTask<Boolean,Integer,Integer>

        protected Integer doInBackground(Boolean... arg0) {
            // TODO Auto-generated method stub
                else if(!takingPicture&&!p.getPreviewState())
            return picCounter;
        protected void onPostExecute(Integer pics)
            t.setText("Pics taken: "+pics);


This works fine on one device, a Motorola Droid running CM7. However, when I load it on my Samsung Epic running ACS 2.3.4, I get the following error continuously until I quit the app. There is no preview shown, just black.

11-08 11:42:28.207: ERROR/CameraHardwareSec(76): ERR(int android::CameraHardwareSec::previewThread()):overlay queueBuffer fail 11-08 11:42:28.238: ERROR/v4l2_utils(76): Error = Invalid argument from qbuf

I've tried looking for this issue but only found a few unresolved ones.

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If you are trying to record video do not use


to set up your media recorder even if you are working with SDK >= 8

Do the usual instead:


And you will stop seeing

android::CameraHardwareSec::previewThread()):overlay queueBuffer fail

Source of this error is mismatch between size of default camera preview and MediaRecorder video size as the error disappears when you make the sizes same with:

CamcorderProfile camcorderProfile = CamcorderProfile.get(CamcorderProfile.QUALITY_HIGH);
parameters.setPreviewSize(camcorderProfile.videoFrameWidth, camcorderProfile.videoFrameHeight);

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