Superposición de etiquetas de datos de gráficos circulares de SSRS BIDS 2008 R2


As seen in image, the data labels are overlapping and making the data difficult to read. Anybody know how to sort this?

  • Have now updated the question as I have changed the PieLabelStyle to Outside and in the picture you can see in the design view above it acknowledges this however when I preview the chart it remains on the inside! (See image 3 link below)


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I would advice you not to use pie charts at all. 3d pie charts are even worse, use barcharts instead. -

+1 to @jrara for giving some good data visualization advice. More developers need to be aware of info design principals. -

+1 SQL_Surfer. My pie charts always look terrible. It looks like Jamie has a solution below. -

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Technet has a nice piece en este:

The secret is in the Properties pane under the Custom Attributes section: Series Custom Attributes Screenshot

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Have now done this however the pie chart % remains on the inside in the preview screen, see updated question/screenshots - JsonStatham

A good solution is to sort the pie chart between small and big pieces. I posted a script that helps with this issue:

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