La carga de mi sitio web sigue siendo lenta después de gzip, md5-call-cachefiles-in-server, control de caché ilimitado, necesito ayuda para almacenar en caché

So, I'm in to cache everything on my website called

I sending gzipped, optimized images, js, css, and everything also the whole site is gzipped, the JS files are loads deferred, with LAB, and everything must be fantastic, I also made a browser cache. But my site is still loads for 1 sec to load any page, and not instantly do it.

Could you help me please, why?

My redbot andswer is:
Google PageSpeed rank is 99/100 (Because I don't want to remove the comments from the jquery UI)

La respuesta para Archivos CSS:

Para JS files:

So to tell the true I dont know what is the matter, with my caching or my JSes. Thanks for the help guys.


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Probably just the connection between you and the server, rather than some underlying issue. -

Since when has a page load time of 1 second been anything to worry about? -

Nop, to load my site is about 1200-1700 ms, but I have really fine loading speed, and if i cacheing everything, even the js, css, images, all of them, why i have to wait for 1 sec? -

Because it's not a single site, it's an engine. And I'd like to make it bulletproof. So If i make a site for someone with 1000000 users, I don't want them wait, or buy ten servers. I want to cache everything in their machines. -

And I'm a maximalist guy anyway. -

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I sending gzipped, optimized images, js, css, and everything also the whole site is gzipped, the JS files are loads deferred, with LAB

THAT IS exactly your problem.
Instead of doing all that fancy stuff, you had to perfiles your application first, determine a certain bottleneck and then optimize the exact part that is causing the slowness.

Let me suggest you to start from the "Net" pestaña de Firebug where you can watch actual response times of the requests. It is very likely that your code runs FAST but some JS-based web-counter prevents the page from displaying immediately.

if it's 1 second that takes for the PHP code to execute - time to profile it. Xdebug or simple microtime(1)-based manual profiling can tell you where is the problem. Once you find it, you'll be able to ask more certain question here.

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The server side is the fastest. About 200ms to generate the whole site, good-looking-urls, etc. I PHP side, everything is really fast, and that was the first I've checked. +1 for this. - Répás

well, what is the ping to your site? - Tu sentido común

The site is pretty fast as it is, but here are a few possible improvements:

  • Directly render the HTML page instead of using JavaScript to do so. Put all the <script> elements at the bottom of the HTML document (just before </body>) so that the browser can render the page even before the JavaScript code is downloaded.
  • You can concatenate all the JavaScript files into one. Currently, is just empty.
  • If possible, serve static content such as JavaScript files and styles with Cache-Control y Expires headers far in the future.

A couple of unrelated notes:

  • El sitio es HTML no válido. The additional overhead caused by the browser transforming it to valid HTML does not matter, but the readability (and compatibility) does.
  • Your stylesheet is restricted to screen. When printed out (or viewed on another non-screen device), it se ve feo.
  • The site breaks for users without JavaScript. It's just showing a loading bar, forever.

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It was empty because i renamed something in my DBs. That is the jQuery atm. :) - Répás

Static content is also in the future - or i just wanted to be. Thanks for the help I'll check it. - Répás

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