Delayed_job "Método indefinido" en producción. (Pasajero, sin RVM)

I've seen this error pop up in other places, but my circumstances seem to be somewhat unique. I'm running delayed_job (2.1.4) on my production server, which is using nginx, passenger, ruby 1.9.2y rails 3.0.10. Es no using RVM. My jobs were running fine until my last code deploy, and now they all fail, with this message in the log:

--- !ruby/struct:Delayed::PerformableMailer 
object: !ruby/object:Class TemplateMailer
method_name: :send_email
{undefined method `send_email' for #<Class:0x00000007523e90>

I looked through similar answers here, and on delayed_job's wiki, but haven't been able to crack it.

Everything is running fine on a VM staging server that I set up, so what could the problem be in production?

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make sure you don't have a setup_load_paths.rb in your config directory

respondido 16 nov., 11:05

It's not using rvm, so there is no setup_load_paths.rb on the server anywhere. - swilliams

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