CMake: ¿Cómo usar diferentes ADD_EXECUTABLE para la compilación de depuración?

I'd like to build my application such that debug mode is a console application and release mode is a Win32 application. According to the documentación Necesito agregar WIN32 a add_executable depending on whether I want a console application or not.

Because I'm using Visual Studio, I can't use CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE (the generated project contains multiple configurations). How can I tell CMAKE to use WIN32 for release builds and omit it for debug builds?

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   set_target_properties(WindowApplicationExample PROPERTIES LINK_FLAGS_DEBUG "/SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE")
   set_target_properties(WindowApplicationExample PROPERTIES COMPILE_DEFINITIONS_DEBUG "_CONSOLE")
   set_target_properties(WindowApplicationExample PROPERTIES LINK_FLAGS_RELWITHDEBINFO "/SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE")
   set_target_properties(WindowApplicationExample PROPERTIES COMPILE_DEFINITIONS_RELWITHDEBINFO "_CONSOLE")
   set_target_properties(WindowApplicationExample PROPERTIES LINK_FLAGS_RELEASE "/SUBSYSTEM:windows")
   set_target_properties(WindowApplicationExample PROPERTIES LINK_FLAGS_MINSIZEREL "/SUBSYSTEM:windows")

ACTUALIZACIÓN: This feature is broken in recent versions due to a error. One workaround I've found is to specify "/SUBSYSTEM:windows" instead of "/SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS". That seems to work for some reason.

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I have the same problem, but this solution does not work with VC++ 2010. - fbafelipe

@fbafelipe, I was using VC++ 2010 when I wrote this answer so unless something changed (in VC++ or CMake) it should work. Did you apply the workaround mentioned at the bottom? - Gili

Yes I did, stil doesn't work. I forgot to mention, it's VC++ 2010 express I use to open the project (although CMake generate VC++ 2010 project, and I don't thing it make any difference). I tryed many things, I tryed to change the LINK_FLAGS to all configurations, and it does not change to WINDOWS subsystem. The only way I could get to use windows subsystem was ADD_EXECUTABLE(name WIN32 sources), but that way I can't make debug with console and release with windows. - fbafelipe

@fbafelipe, I suggest bringing this up in the CMake mailing list and asking the CMake authors to finally fix this bug. - Gili

You should change the example code to use windows with small letters instead... - Joakim

Dunno if this bug has been fixed in CMake yet. I'm using VC++ 2010 express and CMake v2.8.10.1 (which is currently the latest release) and I'm still having the exact same problem.

A working solution was provided aquí: modify your source code (e.g. main.cpp/main.c) by adding:

#ifndef NDEBUG
#pragma comment(linker, "/SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE")

Alternatively, you could add the linker flag "/SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS" to the release-mode build. I'm using this definition which seems to work:

#ifdef _MSC_VER
#    ifdef NDEBUG
#        pragma comment(linker, "/SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS /ENTRY:mainCRTStartup")
#    else
#        pragma comment(linker, "/SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE")
#    endif

Use the entry-point setting in order to avoid linker errors in case you've defined:

int main(int argc, char* argv[]) { ... }

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