Genere informes con contenido y estilo dinámicos

We are developing an application which also has to generate user-specific reports.

We have some projects in JSP and some in C# WPF. Our current requirement is to generate reports from the JSP application.

The template in these reports have different style attributes, such as:

  • Having a Checkbox in the PDF generated
  • Providing background color for a table cell
  • Vertically oriented text
  • A few shapes (such as line, triangle, etc) at some places

The data in these reports is dynamic, and is obtained as a Data Set from the database.

Can anyone please suggest me which API/tool is ideal to do these tasks? All the while we have been using XSL-FO and I personally feel, it is too much effort for just one report generation.

Is there any tool which is language/domain independent? (So that we could use it in all our Java/C# applications)

If not, let me know the best tool/API to generate reports from JSP application.

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You're describing two separate problems. I don't have an opinion on middleware, but for presentation I prefer to use with some custom code.

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