¿Por qué OpenEars da más de 50 errores dentro de mi aplicación en XCode? [duplicar]

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How can I implement voice recognition into my iOS app?

Estoy tratando de implementar OpenEars and I have completed all the steps exactly as they state on the sitio web.

Why am I getting the following errors?:

enter image description here

You can see the errors in text only form aquí.

I am using XCode 4.2 with my iPhone having iOS 5 installed.

I would really appreciate some guidance. Thank you!

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Can you copy and paste the text, it's too hard to read in that image. -

righclick -> view image enlarges it. -

hence the reason I put "You can see the errors in text only form here." - click on "here" -

or see it directly at: pastie.org/2831947 -

Please update your original question with this new information, don't ask what is effectively a duplicate. -

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I would say one of the following things are wrong:

  1. One of the libraries is not or not properly added to the project.
  2. The 'valid architectures' is not set properly (click on the project file (with the blue thing in front) -> select the correct project -> click on build settings). It should probably say armv6 armv7.

These are the only 2 things i can think of.

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how can I add the library to the project? :S - pixelbitlabs

If you have the framework file on your machine just drag and drop it inside the Frameworks folder. - Manuel

libOpenEarsLibrary.a seems to be the one missing. - Manuel

Have you checked the second thing? does it say both armv6 and armv7? - Manuel

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