Automatización de la tarea y actualización automática de las páginas web cada 10 minutos.

Please guide me how can I achieve the below task.

I have to monitor 5 web pages every 15 minutes.

Say the webpages names are A.html,B.html,C.html,D.html,E.html.

I am opening each IE(internet explorer) web page manually every 15 minutes and checking whether it is up or down.

Can we make this automated, I want a single link on which if I click it should open all the 5 web pages and autorefresh them for every 10 minutes.

Please suggest me any possible web links or websites or tutorials that can help me in this case.


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Prueba esto:

var refreshPages = new Array("", "", "");
    var refreshRate = 5000; //milliseconds

    function refreshWindows() {
        for (index in refreshPages)
  [index], "refreshwindow" + index, "");

        setTimeout("refreshWindows();", refreshRate);

You can call this function on a button-click for example:

<a href="#" onclick="refreshWindows();return false;">start monitoring</a>

As you can see, I declate an array of uri's that I want to open and I also declare a refreshRate (Milliseconds). In the refreshWindows-method I loop through my array and call the for each URI. The most important thing here is that I also provide a name for each window (refreshWindowINDEX). So the next time I call the with a name that I've already used, the browser will open that uri in the window with that name. I call the setTimeout-method, so that JavaScript waits (in this example 5 seconds) and calls the refreshWindows-method again. Opening the same set of uri's in the same windows.

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