Agregue el estilo OOP de elementos html usando jQuery

Is there a way instead of doing something like this:

for (item in list){
  $("#myList").append("<option>" + list[item] + "</option>");

To instead do something like:

for (item in list){
   var option = new option(list[item]);

myList being a drop down selection in the html. I know for this example it doesn't much matter, I'm just thinking if the thing that gets appended (the <option>) becomes more complicated.

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Utilizan Option y select.add (native functions):

var select = $("#myList")[0];
for(var item in list){
    var option = new Option(list[item]);

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Can you point me to some documentation where I can read about the Option? - Tyler DeWitt

@TylerDeWitt See: new Option(). - Rob W

Normalmente hago algo como esto:

var $opt;
for (item in list) {
    $opt = $('<option/>').text(list[item]).appendTo('#myList');

It's a clear, OOP-like, jQuery-like way of doing things, with the added benefit of producing a variable storing the new HTML element as a jQuery object, for further manipulation.

respondido 08 nov., 11:22

As a add-on for this, you can actually do $('<option>', {text:"some text", "class": "some class"}) - Caramelos Gratis

Thanks for this idea. I like the syntax of the other answer a little more, but I'll definitely keep this in the toolbox as well - Tyler DeWitt

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