Persistencia de cookies de vista web de iPhone

When using a web view and closing the app then opening it backup, do cookies persist? (For example to keep a logged in state)

¿Es esto posible?

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No, the cookies won't persist.

Here's a solution i hacked together today:

Please note that the initial NSURLRequest you pass the UIWebView won't have the cookies unless you set hem.

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@AndersR.Bystrup Litte fast moderation there perhaps? He asked if cookies will persist when the app is restarted. The answer is no. How is that not an answer to the question? - Maciej Swic

Can't tell you why, but my UIWebView persists cookies and session by default, even when I force-close my app. So not really sure about the previous statements.

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The cookies works just like mobile browser. But the only limitation is the cookie is NOT shared with browser, and different webviews has separated cookies storage.

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This is not correct. Cookies in a UIWebView will not persist between app runs. - Maciej Swic

the lifetime of cookies will be defined by the web server. it could be session based which expires after webview is closed or one hour/one month which persists. - larry

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