¿Buena biblioteca para codificar videos en un lenguaje dinámico?

I'm looking for an effective library for encoding videos. I would prefer something in one of the Ruby/Python ilk type languages, but I'd use libraries in C or PHP that were good. Essentially, I'm looking for something that wraps ffmpeg, and would allow me to convert H.264 .mp4's into .theora.ogv, .webm, and (this would be nice) .flv files.

Worst case, I could always just use any language to natively execute ffmpeg, using something like command("ffmpeg -i ...etc."), but I'd prefer something a bit higher level/in-language if possible.

Ya miré RVideo, but couldn't get it to work correctly.

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Para Python hay PyMedia y Pyffmpeg.

If you need a raw usage example, see este.

respondido 08 nov., 11:22

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