GitHub: Ocultar la actividad pública / Mis acciones [cerrado]

I have a free account on GitHub. I have noted that there is not any obvious way to switch off or to control the 'Public Activity'. Therefore, every time I commit or do something even trivial it shows up in my Actions and is available as an RSS feed.

Is there a way to control or to switch off the public activity option?

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2011: I don't think there is a way to customize what your public activity shows. The social coding network that GitHub represents is founded on that very same "public" activity. The only way to restrict it is by pago for private repositories.

Note: since 2011, GitHub was acquired by Microsoft (June 2018), and the current (2021) pricing include unlimited private repositories(!)

So using private repositories is a good option, considering you can now easily change a repository's visibility.

contestado el 15 de mayo de 21 a las 10:05

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