¿Existe una API en C ++ para la comunicación remota entre procesos?

I'm looking for the equivalent of RMI API (in java) in C++ standards. The processes will be running in different machines.

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There are many C++ APIs for inter-process communication. But none of them are part of the C++ standard library.

Sugiero usar Impulsar el interproceso.

But if you're talking across different machines, you need networking, not interprocess communication. That requires a networking library (also not standard); Boost.Asio is a reasonable networking library.

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The question was about processes which are running on different machines. Boost.Interprocess is not suitable. - Kirill V. Lyadvinsky

@KirillV.Lyadvinsky: Good point; it cannot. But Boost.Asio can ;) - Nicol bolas

Asio can as well as sockets. It's too low-level. - Kirill V. Lyadvinsky

@KirillV.Lyadvinsky: Asio has many higher-level primitives built on sockets (streams, etc). Whether it is too low-level is for the person asking the question to decide. - Nicol bolas

C++ Standard can't help you in here. You can use DCOM or Corba (and there are more) depending on which OS you're using.

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