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I have two transforms in features/support/transforms/date_transform.rb

CAPTURE_YEAR = Transform /^(20\d{2})$/ do |year|

CAPTURE_QUARTER = Transform /^(first|second|third|fourth)$/ do |quarter|
    {first: 1, second: 2, third: 3, fourth: 4}[quarter.to_sym]

I have another transform in features/support/transforms/number_transform.rb

CAPTURE_NUMBER = Transform /^\d+$/ do |number|

I realize that the year and the number ones are nearly identical, but I don't want to simply rid the CAPTURE_YEAR variable. I'd like to do:


Pero desafortunadamente, CAPTURE_NUMBER doesn't exist in the file I'm working with. Any idea how to include other transforms correctly in cucumber? I should have to explicitly require the file from each transform file right?

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Cucumber just loads up whatever files are in the support directory. It seems to load them in alphabetical order (but I don't know that this is a documented/reliable behaviour - i.e. I wouldn't like to just rename the files to get around it).

Si estas tratando de declarar CAPTURE_YEAR before the file containing CAPTURE_NUMBER has been loaded, then it will fail, as you've discovered.

I think your best option is to explicitly require the number_transform file before trying to use constants declared inside it. Personally I don't have a problem declaring, within a file, which files it's dependent on.

You could also require it inside env.rb, as this gets parsed before any of the other support files, and might be a better option if many of your other files depend on it as well.

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