¿Puedo usar Valgrind para agregar mis propias instrucciones de ensamblaje definidas?

I want to define a pseudo instruction and want to simulate on valgrind or any other x86 simulator. Is there a way to do that? Suppose I want to add an instruction like MOVDB RX,RY in my instruction set,is there a way to do that using valgrind or any other tool?

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Generally, if it's open source you can take the code and run with it (e.g. add anything you like). But why would you? -

QEMU is (relatively) easy to extend. -

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Well theoretically everything is possible. But why adding a new instruction? I am sure that this instruction can be simulated using other instruction, so writing a macro would solve the problem.

On the other hand, moderating the source code of any assembler is a really advanced project.

A nice example is that memory to memory transfers are not allowed in (most) x86 assemblers. That problem is easily solved using a (simple) macro.

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