Solo tire de Top X usando Fluent NHibernate HasMany

I have the following mapping in Fluent-NHibernate Map

public class PostMap : ClassMap<Post>
    public PostMap()
        Id(i => i.Id).GeneratedBy.GuidComb();
        Map(x => x.SiteId);
        Map(x => x.Message);
        Map(x => x.DateCreated);
        Map(x => x.DateModified);
        HasMany(x => x.Comments)
            .OrderBy("DateCreated DESC")

There are a lot of comments on each post, what I would like to do is only bring back the top 5 from the db rather than remove them in code.

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You can do it manually. Ignore the property Comments desde Post mapping, and load it manually with Take(X):

// query posts
foreach (var post in posts)
    post.Comments = Session.QueryOver<Comments>()
                        .Where(x => x.PostId == post.Id)

Con Future en lugar de List it will do one DB roundtrip for all comments.

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Should be possible with filters. Read here:

respondido 16 mar '15, 23:03

How are Filters helping here? I do need a TOP/TAKE and not a WHERE clause. - Antineutrino

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