c # DataGridView: editar celda de fila en tiempo de ejecución

In designer I have placed a DataGridView and added several columns. I set the "ReadOnly" property of the DataGridView to false and all of the columns' "ReadOnly" to true, except for one titled "Details".

At runtime, I have an event handler add a row using dataGridViewInstance.Rows.Add(row); dónde row is a string array.

After it is added I would like to be able to select the cell under the "Details" column and make notes but it will not accept my input.

¿Alguna idea de cómo puedo hacer esto?


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puedes hacer así ...

try comparing with any checkbox state in form like this...

 private void CheckBox1_CheckedChanged(System.Object sender, System.EventArgs e)

   DataGridViewColumn dgvColumn = this.DataGridView1.Columns("Details");

    if (this.CheckBox1.CheckState == CheckState.Checked)
         dgvColumn.ReadOnly = true;
    dgvColumn.ReadOnly = false;              


espero que te ayude ...

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