Apostrophe en Querystring en Firefox

In my project I am passing name as a querystring. When there is an aphostrophe ' in the name it's not working in Firefox. It's working fine in IE. In Firefox it's replacing the apostrophe with ' How do I fix this problem? I know this can be fixed very easily in .net. Unfortunately my project is in ASP Classic. Any suggestions?

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Passing from where to where? Server to browser? Browser to server? Via plain HTML? JavaScript? How are you determining it is being changed to ' (which is how you express ' in HTML)? How do you define "working"? -

' is one of the ways to escape the apóstrofo. Firefox is doing the correcta thing and escaping this character, IE is not. In your ASP page simply use Server.UrlDecode -

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not sure if I got your question correctly, did you try using Server.URLEncode?

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How I am going to Decode it. In Fire fox the Querystring value is encoded as '. How I am going to decode it. - Enrique

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