Consultar a AS400 desde un conjunto de datos

I have a dataset and my question is how can I read a specific value and set in a query to delete.

For example the query I would send to the AS400:

delete from xxx.yyy where data1 = dataset.tables[0].value

¿Cómo puedo conseguir esto?

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Your example is close. You are grabbing the first table but not the row & then column value in that row. You can do this several ways.

Here's a few samples:





Depending on what you are setting against you might need to convert/cast or use the ToString on your value.

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Cool thanks for the help, sadly I can't use a store procedure this time. - Enrique

@Enrique - What do you mean you can't use a stored procedure? The above code is using a dataset as explained in your question? - Kevin LaBranche

Oh I mean it would be easier to solve it with a sp, but for this program in specific I can't use them. Your solution is perfect, sorry to confuse you. - Enrique

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