, agregando objetos a una variable de sesión

I'm trying to add an object(s) to a session variable across postbacks. My code looks similar to the following.

  Supply sup =  Supplies.GetSupply(supplyItemID);

  Session["CartObjects"] += sup;

Now, the compiler throws an error saying that the "+=" operator cannot be used on type 'object' and 'Supply'. Do I need to implement an interface on my Supply object that allows it to be added? Is this possible or am I thinking about this in the completely wrong way.

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Prueba esto:

Supply sup =  Supplies.GetSupply(supplyItemID); 
var cartObjects =  (Session["CartObjects"] as List<Supply>) ?? new List<Supply>();
Session["CartObjects"] = cartObjects;

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unless you are trying to create some sort of array the syntax is just

Session["CartObjects"] = sup;

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Yes, actually a list/array of objects. Something along the lines of ((List<Supply>)Session["CartObjects"]).Add(sup); - John Czajka

No You dont need ,just Create a List of Supply and Save it in session

var supplyList = new List<Supply >();
Supply sup =  Supplies.GetSupply(supplyItemID);
Session["CartObjects"] =supplyList;

and cast it as supply List
var list = Session["CartObjects"] as List<Supply >

respondido 09 nov., 11:00

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