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Have a string:

myString = '<p>Phone Number:</p><p>706-878-8888</p>'

Trying to regex out all HTML tags, in this case Paragraphs.


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Don't use Regex to parse (X)HTML. Use a parser. BeautifulSoup comes to mind. -

I would link directly to the answer of that question @Hamish: :-PAG -

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Usar BeautifulSoup as pointed out by a comment:

>>> from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup
>>> BeautifulSoup(myString).text
u'Phone Number:706-878-8888'

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Perfect! I kept trying attribute 'string' instead of text. Much thanks! - Hikalea

Utilizan re.sub:

>>> re.sub('<[^>]+>', '', '<p>Phone Number:</p><p>706-878-8888</p>')
'Phone Number:706-878-8888'

Usar re is a good solution if you just want to remove tags. But, if you're want to do things a little bit more complicated (involving HTML parsing) I suggest you to look into BeautifulSoup.

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